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Automotive art

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In times when products are becoming progressively similar, people begin to yearn for something to distinguish them from the rest, and they wish to set new trends. Although this individuality is defined in in different ways, what is common to everyone is the need to find something special, something which makes the heart skip a beat. And particularly something which is noticed by others. This development may be seen in many areas of life, but it is very pronounced when it comes to buying a car.

Cars are increasingly becoming an expression of personal lifestyle and philosphy. The higher the standard of living, the more willing consumers are to give expression to their demands for individuality, prestige and aesthetics, and to act on this by utilisng their purchasing power. The passionate devotion to attractive and unique cars emanated from the well-established Zender Group and is firmly rooted at ZenTec, too. What could be more natural than to make this passion palpable? To transform emotions into aesthetic beauty? To achieve competence in harmony with all elements?

Confident and highly creative designers, project teams with many years' experience, innovative technologies and materials, sophisticated production and logistics processes: our customers profit from our holistic customer service concept that enables us to create specialised production series which are strong on image and sales-boosting.

Besides: recognising trends and fulfilling them is good. Creating trends is even better.
Thus we do not wait for customers to present their ideas to us. A keen sense of what the public wants combined with extraordinary creativity allow us to achieve uniqueness. Proactiveness is one of our strengths. It is highly valued by our customers. And it makes us a cut above the rest.